Monday, December 10, 2007

Proud to sign the media consolidation petition

One Wisconsin Now has developed an on-line petition opposing FCC Kevin Martin's efforts to ram a proposal to allow more media consolidation down the through his agency with minimal public input.

Please -- sign it, sign it, sign it. The press isn't free if only a handful of huge corporations run the major outlets.

If you haven't seen Bill Moyers' excellent, excellent coverage of the Martin proposal and the vast opposition to it, check it out.

And One Wisconsin Now has its own video on the issue.


Anonymous said...

Signed...thanks Gretchen

Brian Calvert said...

What does this matter? In Milwaukee who runs the number one read newspaper? iN Milwaukee who runs the number one TV station? Why should I care about media consolidation? Are you nuts? Do you really think Fox News could dominate in Milwaukee?