Saturday, October 06, 2007

Down in Jacobus Park

Last Sunday was a beautiful, beautiful day.

Jacobus Park was a great place to spend it.

Scott Walker's administration, though, doesn't accommodate families that want to spend a beautiful day in September in Jacobus Park. They are welcome, as long as they don't have to go to the bathroom. The pavilion was locked on this beautiful September day.

The bathrooms in wading pool building were locked, too, much to the distress of a mother we
saw and even more to the distress of her desperate young daughter.

And then there is the pavilion itself...

These pictures were taken through the windows of the locked pavilion doors.

Peeling paint and a broken entryway. Re. the latter, can anyone say "liability"?

The county's liability generally is limited to $50,000, making it very easy to ignore potentially hazardous situations.

Yo! Scott! Letting gutters get clogged like this will end up costing a lot more than keeping them clear in the first place.

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