Tuesday, July 08, 2008

McCain's aims on energy

The commercial is playing over and over again. It's John McCain, talking again about his bipartisan plan to reduce gas prices at the pump.

But what's the plan? The ad doesn't tell us.

Perhaps we're supposed to let that slide because he's a war hero, you know.


capper said...

He doesn't have a plan yet. He will let us know once he gets enough big time Big Oil contributors tell him what his plan is.

Patrick O'Hara said...

AFAIK, his plan to reduce gas prices is the gas tax "holiday". How about we have a government spending holiday?

jon said...

Supposedly he wants more Nuclear Power. Has he supported alternative energy in the past? I wouldn't know. I would doubt he would come thru (Bush talked about it in 2000...)

jon said...

capper, don't forget that McCain also has the telcos on his back. Not good considering the telcos' recent history of crappy service and desire to cap bandwidth and throttle traffic.