Monday, June 16, 2008

WisDOT dances on global warming, disses the governor's task force

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation told federal highway officials that it was an "active partner" on the Governor's Task Force on Global Warming and part of the task force's Transportation Work Group.

A WisDOT official told the the work group co-chair, though, that the agency did not "have a seat at the table."

Both of these statements cannot be true.

What!? WisDOT fabricating?!!? Tell me it's not so!

A lot of people took a lot of time out of their really busy lives to serve, unpaid, on this task force. Their reward was to be treated like crap by the brass at WisDOT.

A top WisDOT official, records show, directed staffers to just keep quiet when the Transportation Work Group came around looking for feedback. A WisDOT staffer wrote a scathing memo about the group's work that circulated internally, but was not shared with the Work Group.

Steve Hiniker, co-chair of the group, is pretty angry about it all.

Other task force members ought to be as well.

And Gov. Doyle, who asked these people to serve, ought to issue a reprimand to state staffers who treated them so shabbily.

This is one good way to discourage people from volunteering for public service.

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