Thursday, June 26, 2008

Van Hollen looks foolish, partisan

State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen is complaining to the Journal Sentinel that investigators didn't tell him they closed a case eight months ago.

It is not confidence-inspiring to know we have an attorney general who waits that long before doing anything about an investigation conducted by his office that he believes was botched. It simply raises more questions about Van Hollen's management abilities.

This particular investigation -- into the role of politics in the award of a contract to redevelop UW-Milwaukee's Kenilworth Building -- is wrapped tight in politics. The investigation centered around former Secretary of Administration Mark Marotta's role in the award of the contract.

Marotta is a Democrat. Van Hollen is a Republican.

Invesitgators closed the case in October. Eight months later, with partisan primary elections less than three months away, Van Hollen decides the investigation wasn't good enough.

From the paper:

Van Hollen would not say if he is reopening the Kenilworth investigation. But Van Hollen spokesman Kevin St. John said the attoreny general believes the allegations are serious.

In an amazing case of journalistic failure, the JS never tells us why Van Hollen waited until now to say anything about what happened eight months ago, or why he didn't deal with the issue then.

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