Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The non-news about the airport

It was a huge headline on a story that said exactly nothing new.

Scott Walker wants to privatize the airport, but we knew that already.

Walker fed the JS a line, and the JS dutifully transcribed.

Federal Aviation Administration officials assured him in meetings last week in Washington, D.C., that the county could redirect airport lease revenue to transit.

The FAA actually has no interest in how the county spent the potential revenue, which the JS reports way, way down in the story: Willis said there would be no federal restrictions on how the county could use airport lease revenue if it’s selected for the privatization program.

Mitchell could qualify as a medium-size airport, said Kevin Willis, an FAA official with the privatization program.

Walker's fantasy is unlikely and under the best of circumstances cannot get up and producing money in time to save the transit system.

Some odd news judgment in the play given to this one.

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Jay Bullock said...

Some odd news judgment in the play given to this one.

The JS news editors are laying the groundwork for Walker for Governor. The pattern is already emerging--as Bruce Murphy pointed out last week.