Sunday, May 11, 2008

The technology adventure, or What else is new?

Saw this amazing review for the Flip mini-camcorder in the New York Times.

Ordered one from for $150, $30 off regular retail! Boast to friends of the great deal.

Got the camera -- it is so cool. Try to edit some video -- the trusty ol' Studio 9 software can't open it.

Run to the local Best Buy. Plunk down $130 for Studio 11 Ultimate. Go home. Start loading software. Oops! The graphics card in my four-year-old Dell isn't good enough to handle the Ultimate part of Studio Ultimate. Oh, well. At least it handles the un-ultimate part.

And, upon test driving, the Flip video opens -- eureka.

That $150 camera now is $280, including the software that snubbed my graphics board.

Start editing film. The problem is, Studio Ultimate sucks every bit of energy from the 512 MB of memory in my ancient four-year-old Dell computer so the video freezes on the screen and while the audio is fine, the video doesn't move, which is somewhat of a problem when editing.

Order two gigs RAM. Another $78. The $150 camera now is about $358 and the graphics board ain't good enough for the entire software suite.

But it works.

Meanwhile, the Flip drops to $128 at Best Buy. Listen to friends boast of their great deals.

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