Monday, May 12, 2008

Just garbage

The misnamed budget repair bill is nothing but junk. Crap. Garbage.

It stinks. Toss it out and pretend it never happened.

Start with the property tax exemption for low-income housing. The Wisconsin Alliance of Cities no one knows how much property it will strip from local tax rolls.

It may remove tens of millions of dollars from the local tax rolls and shift the taxes paid by
countless housing projects to single-family homeowners, according to the Alliance.

Then there is the transportation fund. Road builders win again.
Transit gets nothing.

There are the "Accounting Tricks for Losers" that, no surprise here, the Legislature has decided to use. Shift a payment date here, shift a payment date there and pretend we won't have to deal with it when the new due dates roll around.

There's a few non-fiscal issues thrown in to make this thing a complete loser.

This Legislature is really broken.

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