Sunday, May 25, 2008

Don't cross JB

Attorney General JB Van Hollen's accelerating ego inflation/paranoia is getting a tad out of control.

This guy is just weird.

First there was the story of Van Hollen's demotion of State Fire Marshal Carolyn S. Kelly because she allegedly threatened top Justice Department officials. According to the JS:

E-mails show Kelly and Warren (James Warren, her former boss) were frustrated by Van Hollen's handling of open records requests related to the case of Tyler Peterson, the off-duty deputy who killed six people and himself.

On Oct. 15, a week after the Crandon shooting, Kelly sent Warren an e-mail that said: "If I recall 50 bucks is the going rate for a hit right now?"

She made similar references in other e-mails, saying group rates might be available and that she should consider advertising on Craigslist, the popular Web site for classified ads.

The e-mails do not specifically name anyone, but Van Hollen said the investigation showed she was referring to him or his top aides.

Kelly may have used poor judgment in sending those emails over government computers, but really, who in their right minds would believe she was actually making threats? Van Hollen could have disciplined Kelly on legitimate grounds, perhaps, but to try to portray her as a threat to public safety or someone who might actually hire a hit man is ludicrous and shameful on Van Hollen's part.

That story was just the warm-up to the true ego-gone-wild JB Van Hollen story. He wants body guards at the Republican national convention to be held in the Twin Cities. Again from the JS:

Justice Department official Joell Schigur questioned whether assigning state agents to a political event would be improper or illegal. Schigur had been serving as director of the department's Public Integrity Bureau, but had not yet completed the position's two-year probation period.

Schigur was told Wednesday, one month after asking whether agents should be used at the GOP event, that she had not completed her probation. Assistant Attorney General Kevin St. John said the two issues were not related, however...

Mike Myszewski, administrator of the Division of Criminal Investigation, said in an April 23 e-mail that assigning agents to guard Van Hollen could be justified, given plans by dissident groups to try to "violently disrupt" the event.

Tom Walsh, the St. Paul, Minn., Police Department spokesman for convention security issues, said Friday he knew of no such threats.

"To our knowledge there were no such groups at the previous Republican National Convention, and we are not aware of any planning to try to disrupt this event," Walsh said in an e-mail.

Is Van Hollen afraid that former Fire Marshal Kelly will try to have him offed at the Republican convention? Does he think terrorists are wandering around St. Paul looking to do him in?

Or is he just nuts?

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Anonymous said...

He's just a typical Repugnantcan.

Pronunciation: ri-'p&g-n&nt
Function: adjective:
characterized by contradiction and irreconcilability