Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busalacchi's bull

The state is about to start throwing money out the window in the form of a wider North-South I-94.

Part of the problem of spending $200 million (plus interest on the bonding!) to expand the freeway is that it will do nothing to improve traffic flow in Racine and Kenosha counties. It's crazy -- if it won't help and will do all the bad things that freeway expansion does in terms of wasted tax base, pollution, etc. -- why are we doing it?

That king of wasted tax dollars, WisDOT Secretary Frank Busalacchi, meanwhile, tells the JS that transit would not get $200 million even if WisDOT were not wasting it on the Futile Freeway.

And Busalacchi, in a response to (Mayor Tom) Barrett, said the city and county and not his department are responsible for the mass transit improvements needed to meet the planning goals for 2035.

"What is lacking is local and regional consensus and commitment to actually develop and implement these services, all of which are local responsibilities," Busalacchi wrote.

I love the way the state works. Tell local governments that they have to fund transit, then agree to laws that limit local units of governments' ability to raise revenue.

Spend money on highway expansion that won't work in most of the expansion area and isn't wanted in the rest.


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