Friday, May 30, 2008

And these people have advanced degrees?

The nation's businesses are starving for engineers.
Colleges are not turning out enough engineers to meet the demand.
So what does UW-Madison do?
UW-Madison proposes raising the tuition for undergraduate engineering students by $700 a semester over the school's base tuition.
Something learned in basic economics classes (no surcharge required): A bad way to get people to do something you want them to do when they haven't shown much inclination to do it on their own is to charge them significantly more to do it.


Geoff said...

Actually, this one might make sense. It costs a lot more to educate engineers than, say, english majors. English majors need a chair in a classroom. engineers need expansive (and expensive) equipment labs, computer labs, etc. Buried deep within the article were sentences that make it appear the extra $$$$ will get plugged back into the program as direct benefits.

jon said...

I think it's a bigger issue why there aren't more engineers. I don't think average joe college student has the focus to complete the program (or so what I've observed at college and hearing stories from my father)