Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mark Benson, the drunk driver

Mark Benson is probably going to prison for a long time for driving drunk, getting in a car accident and killing Jennifer Bukosky, her unborn child, and her daughter.

Benson, once a doctor, is at near the bottom of a very long road down. He will likely hit the deepest part of down about five years into his prison sentence when there's still a long way to go til he's released.

Benson, back in the day when he had his physician's license, was my mother's orthopedic surgeon. He was top-of-the-game, she said. She adored him and his talented hands brought her tremendous relief from the pains of serious, crippling arthritis.

Then came the pills and addiction and Benson gave up his license and my mother went on to other orthopedic surgeons.

The irony of all this is that, according what my mother said at the time, Benson got hooked on pain killers after he took them for injuries he received in a car accident.

And no, I don't know if he was driving drunk at the time.


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Name withheld said...

I have a passing acquaintance with Mark Benson, having been in the orthopedic sales arena for a few years about 10 years ago. He was never my personal client but I had a few opportunities to see him work and he was in fact a skilled surgeon.

I dont know the chronology of events in his life but I do know that he was in a car accident some time before the OWI's and suspensions started happening (to my knowledge). In that accident he fractured his cervical spine and had to wear a halo vest for some time.

So I'm left to wonder if he himself might have been the victim of an unfortunate auto accident which began the cycle of addiction to painkillers which led to him to this very tragic pass.

The sympathy needs to go to his victims and he must be dealt with so that he never is put in a position to harm anyone ever again. That said, I hope and pray for his recovery and getting his life to a point where he can begin to atone for and make up for the harm he has caused this family. And I also pray for Benson's family that they may find strength and comfort as they go through this with him.

Anonymous said...

Mark was a skilled surgeon, as I would not be walking today if not for his skill.

And yes,wonder no more, Mark and his daughter were victims of an unfortunate auto accident which began the cycle of addiction to painkillers which led to him to this very tragic pass.

Do not judge others if you have never suffered from an addiction. This is a tragedy for many families on all sides. Pray, don't judge. Barbara

Anonymous said...

Its too bad Wisconsin doesn't have the death penalty because this individual would be the poster boy. Its one thing to destroy yourself and your career with addiction but its an entirely different situation when you destroy innocent famalies and kill innocent people. Anyone who defends this person should be ashamed and go let the family of the deceased know how its not right to judge. Jailhouse justice for this guy.

Tosa said...

I am pretty sure the accident in which he broke his neck, and one of his children broke her jaw,
(3 0f his kids were in the car with him)
was due to alchohol abuse.
He is a double addict, both drugs and alchohol. As a doctor, he would know how addictive narcotics are.
Although, I feel extremely sorry for his 5 children, I have very little sympathy for him.
Why was he driving at all!
He had lost his drivers license shortly before killing this woman, her unborn baby and little girl.

His addictions have been going on for years...I personally know him and lost respect for him many years ago.

Anonymous said...

who started this little blog? Ru on the guy's payroll or somethin?
What next?--poor man poor addicted man---won't bring the woman and her daughters back--lets forget about that and get this poor man into treatment----so this won't happen again--so we make a difference by helping Mark Benson and setting a new standard for poor suffering addicts! It won't play in buffalo guys. PUKE!!!

hey only if benson is locked up forever, then it won't happen again

GO at least and read the complaint. pray what you will but you will puke to read what this guy does and says after he kills a beautiful young woman and her two children right before his eyes.
--says he 'clobbered her' and goes on talkin bout his viagra---his car that 'runs like a top'--READ IT! then come back here and see if you can read crap like a few of these blogs. .outta here

Anonymous said...

I met Mark when we were in college and had just gotten accepted to Medical School. We beacame very good friends. He was full of life and the excitement that his future held for him. Unfortunately, he continued his drug usage and began a downward spiral of drug and alcohol abuse. I am surprised that a tragedy like this did not happen long before this time.
I mourn for the loss of his talent. But am so relieved that he will spend the rest of his life in prison and not be able to hurt anyone again.

Anonymous said...

This is truly a sad event - one that could have potentially been avoided. I feel so bad for the remaining family of the victims. So much needless tragedy.

Dr. Benson performed surgery on me when he first started practicing. He was a shining star who did amazing work. The irony to me is that when I complained about persistent, ongoing pain he told me, "It's always going to hurt at least a little. I'm not going to prescribe pain pills because you just need to get used to it." That was 22 years ago.

It seems that he could have benefited from following his own advice. Hopefully something can be learned from this to stop similar tragedies - whether it is a bad physician or someone who has been charged with drunk driving several times but is still on the road today.

Anonymous said...

u guys are nutsy --you mourn for the loss of his talent?? how about mourning for Jennifer Bolasky, 10year old Courtny Bella, and Jennifer's soon to be born child?

What kinda people come here? I checked back cuz it was so sick before.

gees if you were a good friend and "surprised" this didn't happen long ago--eeeuuuu--are you a sociopath too? Why didn't you tell authorities, his shrink, the licensing board the da someone. Sickos are talkin about your good ol' college or ---or young days when you were a meidcal rep. . .eeeuuu

hey guys, a beatiful young woman and 2 of her children were just buried yesterday. couldja spare a tear or a thought4 them? siccoooooooooos are here.

tell usabout jennifer's "promise', or how about a 10 year old freckeled face kid named courtney?
think maybe she had a little
"promise" worth mourning on this
blog as ya sip your cappacino
and reminice? I guess it just
doesn't touch you WEIRODS UNITE

ick. . you KNEW this was a probability, were his friend and did nothin? shame on you. come on back and defend yourself here, and yer good ol' days at--- is
it good ol marquette again?

you rich too, and jennifer and her kids somethn that is beneath ya?

shame shame shame

sicccooooos blog here!!!

Anonymous said...

I met Mark in college when he started dating one of my best friends. Four months ago he contacted one of my college roommates for some'recreational drugs" for his wife and himself.
This person had not talked to Mark since 1976!! This person has no idea why he got the call and hung up on him. I know he has 2 older brothers and not sure his parents are still living but I what a tragedy for them as well as his own 5 children.
I understand his first wife Katie had tried to warn people and he had some of his doctor friends sign committment papers. So sad!!

Anonymous said...

He is truley a sick person!! I do feel for his family...even though they were enabaling him to be soo sick! They did not get into the car while they were wasted!! I cannot believe that he tricked all of the people in the counciling center to get away with what he has!!! If ONE or TWO of them had realized he was very sick..maybe three lives would have been saved..three innocent lives!! Who are these doctors that gave him rave reviews...I would like to know. He is sick... but let him rot in Jail sick and if he really does need a surgery...let him suffe rin jail like the family memebers of the people he killed!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe he should be held accountable for his actions, but don't forget that addiction is an illness too. If people could just quit, they would (just ask anyone who is addicted to cigarettes and wants to quit).

The tragedy is that no one (including Dr. Benson) could resolve this problem before it got this serious. For everyone who talked about how you lost respect for him, just remind yourself where you were when he needed help the most.

And I love the remarks that he was a doctor and should have known better. Addiction is not a disease of knowledge; it is a disease of circumstance. People shouldn't dwell on the fact that he was a physician. Sadly, doctors have a higher rate of addiction that the general public.

Remember, the tragedy here happened well before this accident.

Jeff said...

I was about to write a letter to Dr. Benson this morning to offer my support when he goes to trial. In 1985, I accidentally cut my left quadraceps tendon through to the bone with a machete while volunteer teaching for a year in Central America. Knowing I was a volunteer with college debts and few resources, he operated twice on my leg at no cost and arranged for no fees from the anesthesiologist or St. Joe's hospital. I do feel for victims, but everyone needs to know that Mark is not a bad person, his actions are. I work in the health care field and prescribe and remind myself everyday how easily I could become addicted to pain meds myself. In prison, hopefully he will get help he needs, he will never practice medicine again - there is no need to vengeful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with many of these comments that are telling the human side of Dr. Mark Benson. He also did surgery on my husband 7 years ago. A long, difficult spine surgery that no one else could or would do. He is a very skillful, intelligent surgeon. He walked into the hospital where my husband was, and said "this is what I need, this is who will be part of the surgery team, order this special bed and be ready on Thursday! I hugged him and thanked him more than once. When you see your father-in-law break down in tears because of one person that helped his son when no one else did......that is not a loser! In the operating room is was professional and we thank him for that.

I don't know the person that hit those poor victims. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, Mark's family, and of course, Mark himself.

He needs help. It is an addiction. One that most people don't understand, or want to. I hope he get's the help he needs just like the help he gave hundreds others before this.

Amy said...

I am praying for Jennifer Bukowsky and her children and also for Mark Benson and his children.

We all need to pray for each other.

californianative said...

All Addicts know if you drive high you'll probably get in an accident, they just hope they won’t get caught, but they’ll CHOSE to risk YOUR life anyway.
Some people say addicts can't stop drinking our doing drugs...so it's not their fault.
Addicts do have a choice about driving though. Is their judgment impaired? Yep, but they still have a choice about getting in the car.
I am shocked that so far there are many more comments on how sad this is for him because he used to be….. blah blah blah. Well the fact is it's been years since that time so get over it already, he did.

If this guy use to be a garbage man 99% of you would be saying hang him. My but your all impressed easily, so what if was a good surgeon I mean really that does not make the man. I would be more impressed with a person of good character and ethics but hey that’s my preference.

Another sad example of how privilege can impress some to the point they can excuse those of unspeakable selfishness and not them accountable to the same level as those who may not have had the educational opportunities in life.

Benson chose to throw his life away long before he murdered 3 people (I refuse to call this an accident. An accident is when you spill the milk, this is murder).

Yes, he CHOSE to take pain killers. He knew where HIGHLY addictive BEFORE he become addicted to them. He took more and more. He noticed what was happening but CHOSE this path. For some of you who say he became addicted due to his own pain, the only pill in his system that was for pain was oxycodone. Xanax is for anxiety and ambient for sleep. The report said he took 5 of xanax and 5 of ambien and I believe 1 of oxycodone in the morning alone.

You do not become a hopeless addict after 1 pill or even 1 refill of pain meds. He CHOSE that gamble and yes, addiction can be one of knowledge; he was/is knowledgeable and CHOSE to refill over and over again and expand into many other types of central nervous system depressants.
Who was writing these prescriptions for him? Shouldn't they also be held accountable?

I am a trauma RN at one of the largest trauma centers in San Diego and 3 months ago severely injured my cervical spine. I am in pain most of the time, but have CHOSEN not to take the 7 different prescriptions of pain killers, muscle relaxers and anti-convulsants such as lyrica (works through central nervous system so works well for nerve pain) prescribed to me. In fact I also CHOSE not to get most of them filled. I actually CHOSE not to even to open the bottles of some I did get filled and thought forget it I’m not willing to take the risk of addiction and dumped them down the sink. I CHOSE to take the Lyrica 1 pill at bed time, 3 times a week for 3 weeks instead of the 2 pills everyday. I now CHOOSE to take nothing. It still hurts a lot, but so what. I have 3 boys who are the best thing I've done or ever will do and they don't need a drug addict or "poor me" disabled mom and neither does my husband need that kind of wife. I don’t want to be that person either so I CHOOSE not to be.
I CHOSE the path of NO pain killers due to my KNOWELDGE even though the OPPURTUNITY was there due to my CIRCUMSTANCE.

My prayers and thoughts are with the REAL victims, Jennifer Bukowsky, her two children who died with her and her family and friends she left behind. Benson might be sentenced to 10 years but the Bukowsky family has been sentenced to life.

Grieving said...

All of you should take note of what Californianative posted. This monster did not become the victim he became a murderer! While many of us are grieving the permanent loss we have endured you are waisting time talking niceness about a man that KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE! Maybe you were lucky and your life was spared but three others werent and you need to spend time thinking about that. Think abou the husband she left behind and the tremendous amount of grief he is bearing as he has lost his wife, baby, and step daughter. I am disgusted to read what you have written. Place yourself in our shoes for two seconds and you would be ashamed of yourself. No one forced those pills down his throat or forced the alcohol down his throat, no one forced him to drive numerous times and place numerous lives at risk. How would you feel if it was your spouse, friend, child, etc. I dont think you would bother to make excuses for this pathetic individaul then would YOU?

Anonymous said...

Mark Benson was an awesome man who has headed down the wrong path. Just because he is a doctor does not put a golden gate around him and make him not deal with life situations- such as addictions. Sure he knows the chance of addiction but does an addict ever really think it would happen to them? No, addictions creep up on people. He has saved the lives of many but unfortunatly no one saved his life...he was never saved by others- and that's a shame on us.... he never got the help he needed and an ACCIDENT happened and lives were lost because of it. No one on here can say they have never day dreamed and had to slame on the brakes while driving... now add a nasty rain storm into the mix... accidents happen. This is just one case where the drivers license was pulled and he still drove. Are you telling me this is the only addict driving with no license- Do you really think addicts take a cab or bus to get drugs. Think about how many other people are driving-tired-high-drunk-mad-distracted-texting-eating- that is only a few ideas that people do while driving. I feel for this man, he is a professional and very educated man- who has emotions, childen and a wife. How do you think his children feel to hear everyone call "DAD" a loser and so on. Think about it, not just one family was torn apart but two have been. Think about the children who are now going to have to live with this for the rest of their lives. My heart goes out to this doctor and his family but also the lives that have been lost. Mark Benson saved the life of a very close family member to me. People need to not be so one sided and look at the whole picture.

Anonymous said...

Was he addicted to driving, too?

Former employee said...

First and foremost I would like to give me condolence to the surviving and the non surviving families. I have know Dr Mark Benson on a personal level as a employee. Besides his short comming as we all have...Was a great surgeon with a great bedside manner. His patients have always been his first priorty. We must not be so quick to judge because anyone of us could have been in Mark Benson situation!!!

Shorty Hoeffler said...

I personally know the whole Benson Family. I love them and my heart goes out to them. Yes my heart also goes out to the other family for losing three members of it. But just because he was driving drunk and high does not mean that you can just judge him like this. This is ridiculous and annoying. Other people go out driving drunk all the time and kill people, do they do this on purpose??? NO THEY DO NOT. So everyone who is saying he should be hung and that it is right to have him in jail forever even killed, do you want to know what i say to you? I say YOU ARE THE REAL MURDERERS HERE. You want a man hung to his death, that is not right. You need to think of how his family feels. How would your family like it if someone said that you should be hung? They would not like it at all. So just stop judging because in the end the only person that really judges anyone is GOD and he will send you to hell if you are trying to send somebody else to hell. So STOP THIS BULLCRAP and think about what really matters in life, everyone and everything. NO ONE IS PERFECT, im not and i would bet that you are not. So please just stop blogging about your feelings because this is not making it eiasier on either of the two families.

My prayers to BOTH FAMILIES. To Marks older brothers, especially to IRISH whom i love with all my heart!

Hickory West Rules said...

I'm sorry that some of you people feel this way. He was a talented Surgen that helped many. hasn't god taught us not to judge. I can't belive some of you writing comments when the only stories youve heard are from TV. Well for you that have only heard the stories from TV i'd like to tell you that TV LIES. They just want to make a good story. Sure i feel bad for the girls that died but still think about it. And don't judge TV isn't something that you should trust. It lies all the time.

Why do you judge him? said...

Mark is a good man. He helped many people. Sure i feel bad that a family is suffering because they had a loss in the family. but having this happen to the bensons is also a loss. and for you people that are only following this story from the news. I'm really sorry to break it to you but TV ISN'T A RELIABLE SOURCE. they lie so that you want more. It's your own little addiction. Sure the news is interesting but that doesn't mean that its 100% real. Hasn't god taught us not to judge. Keep both families in your prayers becuase they are both going thru hard times. AND STOP BELIVING TV.

Not a BLEEDING Heart said...

To the "do not to Judge" people wrap a towel around your Bleeding Heart !!!!!! This guy is TRASH I don't care how many people he helped he KILLED MURDERED two innocent people. Does that statement not ring in your head ?? I would imagine if he killed two of your family members you would think MUCH different. Now he is back in Jail again today 3/18/09 who's fault is that ?? I am just glad he didn't kill anyone else, but I wish someone with a addiction problem that helped alot of people would have met with him the way the mother and unborn child did :)

Shorty Hoeffler said...

Yes my heart is bleeding. To you "NOT BLEEDING HEART" people, he is an amazing man and yes he may not be perfect, but he was an AMAZING surgeon and father so stop this crap and think about how much this really matters to you. Do you even care or are you just saying this because you think its cool. Well how would you likes it if someone kept saying crap about you??? NOOOOOO Please just stop. His family is suffering and so is the other family. They ALL are in my prayers. They ALLLLL should be in YOUR prayers too. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM ALL.

You may not like me, sometimes i do not like me either. But STOP JUDGING PEOPLE THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW. This is still ridiculous so fu and just STOP!!!!!

Why do you judge him? said...

Okay what ever "not a bleeding heart" you need to get your facts right it was three people that died and its called an accident for a reason because it was an ACCIDENT. Still why do you judge him. You should be praying for him and his family and pray for the other family too. Both families are going through hard times and i understand that. I feel really bad for the woman and children that died but i also feel for the benson's. Why can't i feel for both without seeming like i bad person. god says do not judge and all you that are sayin crazy things like he should be hung, or if wisconsin had the death penelty he would be put to death. I'm sorry but that sounds like judgin to me. Why do you have to be involved in everyone elses lives. And accuse him of things you might only think are true. Its called an opinion. And its a really dumb saying that your mom probably told you when you were young or if you have children you have probably told your kids. If it's not nice keep it to yourself. Seriously people stop and think a minute or two before you say something because your not only affectin yourself your affectin everyone. DONT JUDGE HIM FOR YOU HAVE MOST LIKELY SINNED YOURSELF.
Also one last thing its like that story in the bible when they are going to stone the women because she comited adultury Jesus said he who has not sined can be one to cast a stone upon her. Think about that everyone has sinned and made mistakes or has had accidents so dont judge.
P.S. please excuse my spelling skills.

Bleeding Heart said...

Do you even care or are you just saying this because you think its cool.
I think it is VERY VERY Sad actually VERY Sad. Cool ??? I am not sure I even understand what you mean ???

Well how would you likes it if someone kept saying crap about you???
If I killed three people I would accept it and understand it. Crap is it really crap ?? he has been charged with this crime hasn't he ? I think you need to take this more Serious.

What are your thoughts on him losing his Bail money for violations and being put back in Jail ? Is that not his fault ? and please do not say HE HELPED PEOPLE AND WAS A GREAT SURGEON that does not matter at this time.

The facts were two people with SS # were killed the third didn't even have a chance at life.

I really hope you two people are pooling you money to free him again if you think he is such a stand up person ?

Anonymous said...

fyi - he wasn't drunk when he got in the accident. Just get your facts straight before you blog to the public and look like an idiot. I'm not taking sides and it truly was a horrible accident, but there's no reason to make yourself look dumb.

The Truth said...

personally I think this is a good man who made a wrong choice. I know someone who knows the Bensen family very well and all I have herd about them is good things. if u do not know this man then dont judge him. I know u do have ur own oppion but don't ragg at others for having a oppion too. we r all entitled to our own oppions. I do think Mark was and is a good man. he has just made a bad choice. oops I already said that.

meeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

um you "the truth" person i have a few things to tell u 1) LEARN TO SPELL his last name is spelt BENSON not bensen 2)i know that everyone has an oppion and we are entitled to it but others should, if they want, dissagree ( im not sayin i do but...) 3) if u say something 2 times just DELETE IT dont say "oops i already said that"...................... i do not know Mark but my friend has met him once and said he seams like a very nice man. and even if he was/is a drug addict he probally was going to get some help [or at least he should] i do pray for him and the other family who lost 3 members. but i still think u souldnt judge him.

bamf said...

HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL. i do feel for his family nad that THEY have to go through this horrible time, but i dont feel for him IT HIS FAULT HES IN JAIL AGAIN.

Not A Bleeding Heart said...

1.2 Million Bail where are all you people with your money ? This Great Man is sitting in Jail !!! He no access to his "firarms" or "Prescprition Drugs"

Why do you judge him? (you kinda make me sick) said...

Yet again your judging him which is not right. Just think about it. Idk what your religion is but ik mine and so just stop you don't have to think that he's a good man but at least keep it to yourself. Bad things happen to good people (if you haven't heard that one you need...... well i'm not going to get into that because im not going to tell someone i most likely don't know what to do) but still.....

Please think about it people that judge him like this. I'm guessing some of you might have know the people that died but just remember that your not the only ones suffering. There are other people besides you in this world.

When Mark's in Jail your losing a talented person that's a father and just was in the wrong place at the wrong time. (IT HAPPENS)

I'm not trying to charge your minds but PLEASE PLEASE think about it really hard and think of what God would want you to do in this situation. And pray for both families because there both going thru very very very rough times.

OH and i totally agree with MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE because there right..................

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like there are enablers blogging here. It is pretty sickening, and they are pretty sick. They will deny it, of course, and attack anyone who says so. If Bensen was surrounded by these types, no wonder he never got help. They are all as sick as he his.

How can the Bukosky family stand, walk, talk, and act with such dignity and purpose when they see or hear things such as the blogging here? Jennifer's family members are truly the Christians in this, and my heart and prayers go out to them. They rely on the law to work, even though Benson has manipulated and ignored it. They grieve privately, endure the injustice of all the professional and nonprofessional enablers that have or had no courage and no integrity to have stopped Benson long ago; and still they strive to make their loved ones' deaths meaningful by working withIN the law for OUR collective good. Jennifer's family will save more lives through their dignified perseverence than any one doc ever could. I admire them tremendously. If that is a "judgement", then I suppose some bloggers would say I am not entitled to have it! And I would say to them go to . . . .

I pray for God's love to be poured out on all of Jennifer's family in comfort, and for God's love to be poured out on Benson in, first, remorse (the rest I leave to God).

To "Why Do You Judge Him? said" -- I remind you that Jesus also said 'cast not your pearls before swine, lest they turn and trample you to death". We are to have reason and be rational. We cannot keep letting this man back on the street. He has had the best "help" available, for years and years and years, and has lied all the way through it. It is not vengeful to say his options are over, due to his own actions. The law must keep the community, and our children, safe. It is our right. It is just the law, not vengeance, and the law applies to him as well (GET IT? THE LAW APPLIES TO HIM AS WELL).

Oh those poor surviving children--please let us pray for them and their physical and mental health, comfort and healing.

Why do you judge him for you have sinned to..... said...

don't know who yolou are anonomous but come on really you are acting like your a good christian i mean do you know that there family are christian well i don't know if you do but what your saying is that if a person sins they won't be forgiven that there automatically going to hell and that god is only going to help the family that had a loss (as in a death) well no sorry thats not how me myself as a catholic- christian belives..... I belive that even if you have turned away from god (as in not prayed or went to church in a while which i don't know if Mark did or didn't do) that if you come in your worst state and something is really wrong in your life that god will help you thru the rough patch in your life. I feel that you are saying that god will only help the family that lost lives. Well so when a person falls out of a tree and breaks there arm or something god will not help you thru that time because that's exactally what your saying by saying that you would like god to pour all of his love on Jennifers family while you don't want the benson family to have love from god.

I am VERY sorry to say this but what kind of person are you. I don't know your religion but if you are christian- catholic like i am you should know that god loves each and every one of us no matter if we have sinned.

I am truthfully sorry that you belive what you belive because i'm very sorry to say GO PICK UP A BIBLE AND READ IT........ and try to understand. And when you find the place where it says God wont help 2 families at one time text me (or call and leave a message for i don't answer weird people calling me) at 14143799947......

I am soo sorry that you belive what you belive and remember that no one is perfect and we all sin but do not look down upon your neighbor for you have sined to....

Please start going to church or something anonymous

Anonymous said...

Regarding the last comment above: Re-think your theology. Of course we all sin, but God is not a little genie in a bottle that pops out when the "rough patch" in your life means you face the consequesnces of your own decisions. Of course God loves both families; but you assume God's love for Benson automatically
means that Benson gets off being found guilty, and off a long prison sentence, and therefore the little genie god gets him
over this little 'rough patch'. God is SO much Bigger and more Loving than that! Benson is already in a prison of his own making--a slave to addictions and arrogance--and now that has caused the death of others--whatever you call it--"accident" or reckless or criminal. Benson LIED to the Judge 2 days before, and LIED when he got in that car; he just arrogantly decided that the law does not apply to him. No matter what he was taking, if he had obeyed the law and his word from 2 days before, and not driven his car/truck, those people would be alive today--alive--enjoying their youth and this summer.

Also, for your theology:

God hates lies, and liars, as the Bible says, and has given Benson many chances. God's purpose is always to bring the liar back to Truth, as God is Truth, and, to repentence and, then, to submission to do God's will--not Benson's will--but God's
will and therefore back to God's family. Benson will never be more free than when he is doing God's perfect and loving will. All Christians strive to do this, and yes we still sin. God gives us many chances, and we come clean, tell the truth, ask forgiveness, and submit our will to God's Loving Will -- as we know God wants us to have Life, and have it abundantly--all of us--together--in His perfect Will and Love. If any one of us wants to keep lying and doing what I-not GOD but I-- want, even if it means others die--then THAT is turning your back on God. Not some minor "infraction" of Catholics like not going to church, or missing some prayers.

At least some of Benson's family members have probably been to Al-Anon etc. to no avail. I wish them well as this man has obviously relied on his own decisions, and lies, for a long time. I hope they tried to consistently point out the truth to him when he lied, or, alas,
they will become, or more probably already are, as sick as he is, and under his total
control. This often happens to weak-willed members of an addict's family. Denial becomes almost a crazy psychosis when taken to an extreme. And Benson is extreme--there is no doubt about that. I just look at his recent NOT GUILTY to the bail jumping charges--how on earth can he say that when the police searched his house and found the drugs, guns etc he was not supposed to have? That is denial, and lying, to a nearly psychotic extreme.

Sure, we have to pray for that family too.
The enablers really need it, and the others also need it just for the . . .shame of it all--the pointlessness of their trying to get him to tell the truth --AND the shame of all of this.

If members of his family have not had the courage to confront him with the truth again and again
about his long-standing addictions and reckless behavior then it is not that surprising that they are in denial and also so ill they believe (pretend to believe) his lies. Maybe they are afraid of losing his supposed affection, (an addict's affection is first and foremost for his addictions though, so that will always come before his family--always), or perhaps afraid of losing his money and the nice house on the lake, the lifestyle etc. --as some persons have blogged. But, I do not know anything about that and do not wish
to judge. As far we know, no one is living in that house.

And sure, we have to pray for them too.
Of course we pray God can change Benson, as it is not God's purpose that this man, or anyone, should perish before he submits himself to the love of Christ--to God's perfect and loving Will. He IS the Way, the Truth, and the Life and the only way to Love and Eternal Life.

I hope this helps you. I wish you well.

wow you guys ur all so mean said...

i have to laugh at you anonymous your an ASS-HOLE

Get this in that pea sized brain of yours

GOD LOVES EVERYONE (no matter if the've sinned or not)


I pray for you pea sized brained person that one day you will understand something

Anonymous said...

to wow you guys are all so mean:
You say God loves everyone.
I said God loves everyone.
Ergo, God loves me too
You call me an ###hole for agreeing with you. . . .
You make no sense.

Have fun on your planet tho.

Anonymous said...

First of all, almost everyone who posted here should take a spelling class or two. Secondly, it is only right to pray for both families. Obviously the family of the victims, but also the Benson's family. His children did not ask for this either. It's amazing to me that people here can't just have an intelligent discussion without calling each other names and whipping out the Bible...

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that his famiy have aL deserted him.
Moved out of the house & out of the state

Anonymous said...

Then you are misunderstanding. He certainly still has family in the area.