Saturday, April 12, 2008

Free Michael McGee

Former Ald. Michael McGee may very well be a crook and a thief. He may even have conspired to have someone beat up.

It is still time to let him out of jail to await trial.

He has been in jail since last May, unconvicted of any crime. Federal defendants who do things far, far more violent than McGee is alleged to have done are allowed bail or are sent home on electronic monitoring.

Is there something we don't know about McGee's case that makes him a true threat to the community? Then the feds ought to tell us.

Right now, though, holding McGee without bail seems like government vindictiveness at its worst.

McGee may well be a crook.

Don't make him a martyr.


blurondo said...

Well let's see. This can't be a surprise. We have a US Attorney who is a member of the Church of Bush/Cheney. Their's is the gospel of Guantanimo, Abu Ghraib, rendition, invisible FISA courts, outing CIA agents, etc., etc., etc. Oh, to have some excommunications.

John said...

I guess I can't say just because he's a scumbag since Justice is blind, but I can say that he's a menace to society that has repeatly violated Court orders and has threatened and intimidated witnesses. His no parole appeal was heard by the District Court in Chicago and denied. This ain't Gitmo, he did the crime and is paying a heavy cost. In a Civil society, follow the rules or pay the price. Sorry I can't agree on that one with all the true suffering in the World but you have my admiration for your belief in Justice. John

Anonymous said...

Gretchen - What would you recommend we do with people who are charged with a crime and attempt to threaten and intimidate the people who will testify against them? Let them continue to threaten the community?

Gretchen Schuldt said...

If the feds hold Michael McGee in jail, then they ought to hold in jail everyone accused of the same levels of crime. Gotta tell ya, though, that doesn't happen. Threats in criminal cases are a dime a dozen, and that may be overstating their rarity. Bail is set even for many people who actually cause physical harm to another. By holding McGee in jail, rather than sending him home on electronic monitoring with very strict conditions as would happen with other, less well-known defendants, the feds are creating a martyr.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad they couldn't get Michael McGee Sr. in on these charges. Then both of these scum bags would be off the streets.