Friday, March 21, 2008

SEWRPC surpasses its previous record of arrogance

It was hard to accept that SEWRPC, repeatedly castigated for its high-handed and arrogant treatment of the public ("No! You are not allowed to talk at our public meetings!") would actually have the gall to out-arrogant itself.

It did, though, with the closed door selection of Deputy Director Ken Yunker to succeed Executive Director Phil Evenson when he retires.

No public input. A decision made by a few folks around the table. All clubby and chummy and insider stuff. Just the way this public body likes it.

Jim Rowen has an excellent analysis.


PurpleAvenger said...

It's not just no public input.

It's that members of SEWRPC's own Environmental Justice Task Force - which met on 3/18 - specifically asked that the hiring process be slowed down in order to ensure that issues of diversity and civil rights were taken into account in hiring a new director.

So SEWRPC is also ignoring its own civil rights committee.

Dave said...

Here's a part of city/county government where they can save some money.. Defund SEWRPC they aren't doing much for Milwaukee anyhow.

Zach W. said...

And during Sunshine Week, no less.