Monday, March 17, 2008

Now this is news you can use

Ready? You need to know this as the economy craters and the country hurtles toward God knows what kind of financial disaster.

Here it is -- the critical information of the day:

Women spend only about $25 on a new bra.

My reaction to this stunner must be similar to that of millions of women. WHAT!!? Where can you get a decent bra for just $25?

Bras are one of the great rip-offs of the "foundations" section of department stores., an unglamorous, unfun and yet consistently overpriced purchase. Finding a $25 bra that won't fall apart the first time through the rinse cycle is like finding a five dollar bill on the street.

The bare bra facts were revealed in a poll conducted by Consumer Reports National Research Center, which also tells us that 37% of women do not try on bras before buying them. (That's because a smart woman finds a bra that works for her and buys the same bra brand and style in the same size again and again and again.)

And here comes the real shocker: Matching bras and underpants is not a priority for most women. Some 58% of women say they never or rarely match their undies.

Oh, the horror!

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capper said...

Now this is news you can use

No, it's not. ;)