Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More reasons to reject Mike Gableman

One Wisconsin Now has done an excellent job of looking at Mike Gableman's entirely less-than-lackluster career, his suspicious appointment, and now his attendance problems.

From OWN:

Documents obtained by One Wisconsin Now show as an appointed member of the Judicial Council, Gableman missed five of the seven meetings held and his service on the Council was terminated when he resigned as Ashland County District Attorney, even though McCallum’s press release months later announcing Gableman’s appointment asserted that he was still a member of the Judicial Council.

Newly-released documents of the minutes of the Law Enforcement Standards Board show there is no evidence Gableman ever attended even a single meeting of the board. There is also no evidence he stayed on the board after his sudden resignation as District Attorney since he was filling a slot representing DAs on the board. Yet, once again, in an effort to justify his appointment of Gableman, McCallum’s release claimed that Gableman was still serving on board.

Last week One Wisconsin Now also reported that Gableman has highlighted his membership on two additional statewide commissions during his election campaign for judge, even though he was removed from those commissions without ever attending a single meeting.

The man who would be a Supreme Court justice doesn't deserve to be a muni judge on the smallest court in the smallest town in the state. That town would probably actually need him to show up on the bench once in a while.


Anonymous said...

I know. Gableman is a fraud. Just another fat, goofy wimp who has the nerve to question J. Butler in any way. This guy couldn't even get a job in the Milw Co DA's office.

The Real Charlie said...

how did the press not cover this? people should be rising up that this didn't get into the newspaper!