Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More and more road taxes

Gov. Doyle wants to erase the state deficit in part by moving $190 million from the transportation fund and covering the gap by borrowing more.

Hmmm, more borrowing equals more interest payments equals higher taxes. Boy, the Republicans ought to hate that.

$190 million is just a touch less than the $200 million (at least) it will cost to add additional lanes to North-South I-94 as part of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's unfunded, $1.9 billion reconstruction and expansion plan for that stretch of freeway.

Doyle should just drop the expansion proposal, which WisDOT says will provide just minimal congestion relief and is targeted for one of the least congested metropolitan areas in the country. Saving money without raising taxes. What a good idea!


Anonymous said...

There's a column in the Journal-Sentinel called "The Road Warrior." With oil at $108 per barrel and CO2 over 380 ppm (vs. 300 ppm only 100 years ago), there could be one called "The Road Worshippers." Anything to burn more carbon on the altar of automobile worship, it seems.

Plenty of road worshippers, incl.
mindless drivers, greedy roadbuilders, brain-dead burocrats, and worthless politicians.


Anonymous said...

republican fiscal responsibility went the way of the dodo bird about the same time that democrat civil rights did.