Friday, February 15, 2008

Senate caves on eavesdropping; Hillary Clinton ducks

The U.S. Senate this week caved in completely, totally and absolutely to President Bush's demand to expand federal eavesdropping authority and to forgive telecom companies for prosecutable trangressions they have committed in his name.

It's a terrible trampling of the constitution and the justice system, but that's never stopped Bush before. Senators were so afraid of being accused of being weak on terror that they abetted Bush's power grab and granted the immunity even before they knew just what crimes the firms may have committed in the name of national security.

As spineless as the Senate was, one amoeba stands out for absolute duty avoidance: Sen. Hillary Clinton. She did not show up to vote on any aspect of the immunity issue, even though she was in town campaigning. Barack Obama and John McCain, also out on the hustings that day, at least made it to vote on some of the bill's amendments (Obama opposed immunity for telecoms, McCain supported it).

Clinton is campaigning on the theme that she is ready to make the tough decisions. Doesn't she have an obligation to at least show up at work when they are being made?

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Dave said...

Especially after her attempts to distort Obama's record in Illinois...