Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Police report on voting

Is the Milwaukee Police Department's report on non-voter fraud a precedent? Will the department regularly issue reports on crimes that might have been, but weren't? Or maybe it's not non-crimes, but simply sloppy government management, that will trigger the department to issue 67-page reports three years after the fact.

Wow. Better add another three recruit classes at the Police Academy and increase property taxes a little more to pay for our new gun-toting auditors.

Better idea: Cops should fight crime. What a concept, eh?


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I understand that four detectives were working on this over the last three years. Now I know why the cops didn't come after my house was broken into and I called 911. Five hours later, at 2 in the morning, I got a call asking if I still wanted to file a report. I'm not very sympathetic now to their claims of not having enough resources to do their jobs.