Wednesday, February 20, 2008

DeBruin marches on

Lynne DeBruin came in first in her three-way re-election battle, which was not really a surprise because she is a good supervisor who has served her constituents well under a county financial situation that made the job more difficult.

What is surprising (at least to me) is that Dan Cody, a who had union and organized support, was knocked out of the race and the very conservative Dan Wycklendt, a first-time candidate, advanced. My total contact with the Wycklendt camp during the race was receiving a single piece of campaign literature last week. He must have spent a lot of time in the far western part of very bizarrely shaped 15th. There are some extremely conservative strongholds out there

This analysis is pretty easy. DeBruin and Cody split the liberal / moderate vote, with Wycklendt picking up the conservatives. DeBruin got 50% of the total vote (with one voting unit still to report, according to the JS); Wycklendt got 30% of the vote, and Cody got 20%. It is likely that Cody voters will swing to DeBruin in the general election unless something really dramatic happens.

On to the general election, then, with this in mind: Re-elect County Supervisor Lynne DeBruin.

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