Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sure makes me want to run for office

Why would anyone want to run for office and have to put up with the lousy, mean, dirty tricks along the way?

It's not an original thought, but here's a lttle more evidence that people seeking public office either better be really tough or a little nuts. From Bloomberg, about the goings-on in South Carolina:

Among Republicans, the shenanigans this year include automated telephone pseudo-surveys trashing former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson's stance on abortion, mailings claiming Arizona Senator McCain turned his back on fellow prisoners of war in Vietnam and a phony Christmas card from former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney extolling polygamy...

The dirty tricks began in December, when some South Carolina voters received Christmas cards purportedly from Romney, a Mormon. The card quoted controversial passages from the Book of Mormon that describe God as a polygamist and refer to the Virgin Mary's white race. The mailing targeted South Carolina's large evangelical population, many of whom regard Mormonism as a cult.

McCain, meanwhile, has been attacked in phone calls to voters that describe his support for campaign-finance legislation as ``a restrictive assault on free speech.'' The calls also say he ``voted for a law that would have allowed unborn babies to be used for medical research'' by backing a bill allowing embryonic stem-cell research....

``Many understudies of Lee Atwater are still in this state, in the political-consulting business,'' said Blease Graham, a scholar of Southern politics at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.


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Patrick said...

I agree. It is sickening. On another note, I wanted to let you know I enjoyed listening to you being interviewed on Lake Effect.