Saturday, January 05, 2008

Oh, no! The iTunes betrayal

One of my hard drives seemed about to crash, so I bought a new one. Moved my several thousand iTunes files to it on Thursday. Yesterday all was fine -- all the music showed up just like it was supposed to.

Got up this morning and iTunes recognizes exactly one album on the drive: the BoDeans "Blend."
All the stuff is still on the drive; iTunes just won't play nice with it.

Grrr. The thought of importing either from the drive or from CDs is a real stomach-turner. Has anyone run into this? Is there a fix?


somewhere in the middle said...

It's called getting a different mp3 player that's not an iPod...seriously, there are mp3 players that are as good as the iPod that just doesn't have the Apple logo (and doesn't become an iBrick when you drop it..)

Anonymous said...

This might be a stupid question but did you change your itunes music folder?

If you, for example, just moved all music from drive x to drive y, and itunes still thinks the music (music folder) is on drive x, then nothing will show up.

Jay Bullock said...

Try here for a start.

Sign up for the support forums, too, and ask about it--they are very helpful, in my experience.

Gretchen Schuldt said...

Jay and Henry -- Thanks, but I followed Apple's instructions to the letter. The odd thing is that the tunes all showed last night, but not this morning. I am now doing the tedious task of adding folders to the library, which I should not have to do.

I can report that when I Googled for help, I came across many, many critical reviews of iTunes 7. They are all true. iTunes 7 is buggy and a resource hog.

And "Somewhere" -- you are right. But we are trapped in our unhealthy iPod relationship. Our experience with iPods go like this: I buy refurbished Hewlett-Packard iPod (yes, HP used to make them). My husband and I fall in love with it. This thing is soooooo cool. We can listen to news shows while cleaning the toilet -- how much better can life get? I buy a speaker system for it, then another, then a car adapter. Life is good.

My iPod breaks a bit less than a year after I get it. Foolish me -- I berate myself for bying a refurbished model. I immediately go out and buy a new one. It breaks the very next day. There is the little sad face icon and everything. I take it back to Best Buy. The clerk is impressed because she has never actually seen the sad face icon. We exchange the broken iPod for a new one.

My husband's birthday rolls around and I buy him an iPod of his own. Several months later, it breaks. The little sad face icon is back in our lives. Curses, shouts, more curses. We go back to Best Buy for a new iPod. This time we buy the extended warranty.

We wonder if we are fools. But now we have all this iPod paraphernalia...can we just dump this unfaithful creature when we have so much invested in this relationship?

Dear Abby: please help.

Dear Abby said...

When a relationship is not working out, no matter how much you have invested - emotionally and financially - in it, you should cut loose and find a healthy relationship in which to be. There may be an 'i' in iPod but there is no 'i' in team.

Beige said...

My iPod works fine. Of course, I don't use iTunes. That would be silly, and, anyway, I'm not buying a separate computer just for iTunes. (Gtkpod is what I use, on Linux.) I certainly won't buy music with DRM. Life is too short.