Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Flynn, Murphy singin' the same tune

Could this be the start of a beautiful relationship?

Police Chief Edward Flynn was sworn in a week ago and already figured out something Ald. Michael Murphy has been saying for years -- the Police Department's technology just sucks.
Murphy, eons ago, requested the audit that last summer finally confirmed the pervasive technology problems.

Flynn is the new guy, had nothing to do with creating the problem, and has nothing to lose by going public. What is nice about the way he did it, though, is that he asked for help -- civilian help. Previous chiefs didn't think civilians were trustworthy enough to handle police data, which led to police officers acting in IT jobs for which they were unqualified, which led to this general sad state of affairs.

Now Flynn has acknowledged the problem and has opened the Police Department doors at least a little bit and Murphy can put down the hammer he's used to beat this issue for years now.

A very nice start.

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