Friday, January 04, 2008

Faith is not restored

A three-judge panel basically gave Supreme Court Injustice Annette Ziegler a reprimand, or mostly a pass, on her unethical behavior.

"Red flags of danger were prominently flying," the panel said in its decision. "Justice Ziegler did not see them."

Oh, bull. Ziegler was a judge. Judges should know -- it's as basic as knowing which way to put on their robes -- that when they rule cases involving relatives, as Ziegler did multiple times, disclosure of a potential conflict is the minimum standard. If Ziegler didn't see the flags, it's because she hid herself away in a self-imposed darkroom, then wrapped the blindfold around herself as tightly as she could.

"Certainly, no judge or justice would want to expose himself or herself to the public shame of a reprimand; a more severe discipline is not needed," the panel said.

Ziegler is indeed undoubtedly humiliated and not feeling very good about it all.

But what about the folks who now have to appear before her. a judge officially reprimanded for conflicts of interest and who claimed not to know basic judicial ethical behavior?

They, too, likely won't be feeling very good about it all.

Hardly a way to build confidence in our court system.

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