Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Yeah, the plowing was bad

Yup, definitely, the plowing on Saturday was below average.

For a number of hours, there was no plowing at all.

Hubby and I headed to a Wisconsin Ave. bus stop about 1:30 p.m. to catch the ol' No. 10 to the Grand Ave. Nothing was plowed -- as the bus pulled away from the stop two blocks away, it fishtailed badly. When we got on, the bus driver said there was absolutely nothing on the roads -- no salt, no sand, no nothing.

The snow didn't come as a surprise and it was accumulating rapidly. Wisconsin Ave. is a hugely important route for emergency vehicles -- how could it not be cleared? How could it not be salted?

We left the Grand Ave. about 4 p.m. There still had been no plow on Wisconsin Ave., and there still were no salters in sight. Our bus got stuck in the snow on 16th St. We didn't move until another No. 10 came along and we got off the stuck bus and got on the non-stuck bus.

The less-than-stellar job done by the city has been pretty common conversation among its residents. It also was pretty obvious to anyone who looked, walked or drove in the city. So why did it take a press conference for the media to notice?

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Xoff said...

In most cities, they blame the mayor. It cost Jane Byrnes her job.

In Milwaukee, the alderoids blame the head of the Dept. of Public Works.