Friday, December 14, 2007

On plowing, part 2

Behind that pile of snow lying across the sidewalk is the curb cut for wheelchair use. Hmmm, anyone see anything wrong here?


Daniel Cody said...

That must be a recent picture because when I tried to walk across that stretch of bridge when I was out knocking on doors a few days ago, it was even worse. I was forced to walk on the actual street to get across the bridge. I can only imagine how difficult it is for those who are disabled or the elderly to navigate public streets.

This exact issue came up at the recent Common Council meeting that focused on the plowing problems, and while I don't think there needs to be municipal legislation to mandate the manual shoveling of every crossing, there does need to be some special attention paid to crossings across the city.

Especially considering the large number of disabled folks who live just South of the bridge.

Anonymous said...

It definitely calls out for some kind-hearted volunteers to do their civic duty! Save our tax dollars and pick up a shovel.