Monday, December 03, 2007

The latest in bike stereos

I was so proud of myself when I found a little pair of bicycle speakers maybe six inches long and a couple inches high. They let us listen to the Brewers on the radio or music on an ipod as we pedaled along. The sound quality ain't perfect, but at least we didn't need earbuds and could still hear what was going on around us, traffic-wise.

Little plastic speakers, however, apparently are not the cutting edge of bike stereo cool. The New York Times carried a piece last week about New York kids adding to their bikes stereos on steroids.

Stephan Sonnylal, 17, worked on his yellow Mongoose motocross bicycle, bearing a 200-pound system, which features a 50-CD changer bearing a map of Trinidad. It puts out 3,000 watts of power and has three 10-inch speakers, a bank of midrange speakers and two tweeters. It cost $800, he said.

Clint Hasnoo, 17, has a 1,600-watt system with four midrange speakers.

Nick Ragbir showed off his new bike, equipped with a sleek 1,500-watt system with the stereo and speakers encased in clear plastic custom boxes. The car battery and the console are mounted on the handlebars, and the four midrange speakers are mounted in the center of the bike frame.

My ears ring just thinking about it. The Times said one of the units weighed 200 pounds. It might be good exercise moving that thing on a bike, but how do you keep it from being stolen?

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Anonymous said...

$800.00? On a bike? Even easier to steal...but that's just me. I'll stick with my $55.00 Sansa mp3 player for least it fits in my pocket!!