Sunday, November 18, 2007

Enabling Scott Walker

County Executive Scott Walker got away with one in his op-ed in the JS today.

Walker (or his staff) wrote the following:

Transportation: Our budget maintains all of our transit routes.

Here is the simple truth: the new county budget does NOT maintain all of the routes.

Much of the Route 11 is gone next year; part of the route 80 is gone; part of route 53 is gone and part of route 80 is gone.

As capper points out, the 11 serves the Marcia Coggs building and the Martin Luther King Community Center. The cut will be devastating to a lot of people.

Walker, truthfully this time, also says that para-transit fares won't increase from $3.25, but that's only because the Coounty Board rejected Walker's proposed 75 cent fare increase (which Walker forgot to mention).

While rates may not be going up, Walker and the JS have either ignored or not realized that the county para-transit system is broken -- seriously broken.

Where's that JS I-team when you need it? Hell, where are the newspaper's folks who have a clue as to what is happening in the community? Did they all take the buy-out?


Anonymous said...

Funny, there was one editorial a few days or about a week ago that was repeating what you've preached for the past month to (about Walker's negative impact).

Seems to be a common thread in "the news" to simply regurgitate what an elected official says. Does anyone remember the clause in No Child that allows recruiters to contact (aka constantly harass) students at 18? Nope, probably not reported.

There's a reason why I read blogs like this one..

capper said...

One small note regarding the Transit Plus hike...the only reason Walker didn't try to veto the hike back into the budget was due to the millions of extra state dollars coming to Milwaukee County, courtesy of Senator Lena Taylor, who is running for County Exec.