Monday, November 12, 2007

Despite wins, we still lose

This is not a knock on the County Board -- it did what it could to reverse the worst of County Executive Scott Walker's proposed transit cuts.

When all is said and done, though, Milwaukee County will have less transit service next year than it has this year, and people will have to shell out more money for it.

Not good.


Anonymous said...

I'm a transit supporter, but I am very concerned by the tactics used by transit supporters. In holding out the needs of the poor and the disabled, these advocates turn transit into a car for those individuals and send a strong message to middle class people--the bus is not for you! I'd like to see more discussion amongst transit supporters about improving the conditions on busses, and improving routes and services so that the ridership (and hence the political) base can be increased. The bus as car for people who can't afford a car idea is more or less convention wisdom amongst both Scott Walker (witness his terrible hopes to "grow our way out of the need for transit") and the transit advocates publicized on this blog, as well as by the Milwaukee Transit Riders Union. One way to make routes and fare cuts unnecessary is to grow ridership, and focussing on public transit as a car for poor and disabled people certainly does nothing to make transit ridership seem desireable to people who DO have a choice. Don't we want to encourage them to make a better choice, to step out of their cars and onto the bus?

Gretchen Schuldt said...

Anonymous --

I think the needs of the people who depend on transit are more important than the desires of those who don't. Yes, I think buses should be made more attractive to draw middle class riders -- once real needs are taken care of.