Thursday, November 15, 2007

Are Gov. Doyle's global warming concerns real?

Those religious conversions are so amazing, aren't they?

Not so long ago, Gov. Doyle was endorsing construction of a carbon-producing, global warming-enhancing coal-fired power plant in Oak Creek.

His Department of Transportation is widely expected to propose freeway expansion all over the Milwaukee area. Bigger freeways means more people in cars taking more trips creating more greenhouse gases.

But yesterday, Doyle, five other midwestern governors and the premier of Manitoba signed an agreement agreeing to slash greenhouse gas emissions in their states and province.

Pretty impressive -- except that the major goals aren't due to be reached until long after Doyle and the others are out of office. According to the JS:

Among the platform's goals:

• All new coal-fired power plants built after 2020 would be required to capture carbon dioxide and ship it to an underground storage site.

• 30% of the region's electricity would come from renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and landfill gas by 2030.

• One-third of the region's gas stations would be selling the E85 blend of ethanol by 2025. (E85 has its own environmental problems, reduces fuel efficiency and probably won't do much to replace oil -- other than that, it's great.)

¦ Energy efficiency measures would be tapped to enable the region to reduce overall electricity demand by 2% a year beginning in 2015, Doyle said.

Is Doyle serious about his eco-conversion? Time will tell, of course. A good clue will come when WisDOT releases its recommendations for reconstruction of North-South I-94. If it includes freeway expansion, you can take his eco-agreement, crumple it up, and throw it in the recycling bin.


MidwestKielbasa said...

Yes, yes, yes.. you couldn't be more right on with your comments.

Anonymous said...

E85 isn't great, however it does help reduce a lot of one car's dependence on oil.

I remember someone saying (from an oil-rich nation), " e85 car gets 40-50mpg to us because of the (reduced amount of oil in the car)"

Joe Klein said...

We could demand that We Energies put carbon mitigation into the new power plant. Perhaps something like this:

Anonymous said...

No, they aren't real concerns. Global warming is an unreal motivation for doing anything. Better choices: reducing pollution and (better!) reducing economic dependence on unstable, expensive, and unsustainable foreign sources of fuel. Beats the hell out of me why these primary considerations are virtually ignored while "global warming" is bandied about as the greatest ill responsible for every weather trend or event deemed bad. Who really believes that. Anyone? Honestly?