Monday, November 26, 2007

Ald. Bauman gets it

Ald. Robert Bauman is proposing that the state skip expanding I-94 North-South and concentrate on developing the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee commuter rail extension and high-speed rail instead.

Details here.


E_Man262 said...

Why don't you just ban semi trailers on the roads? How about we just ban vacationers from our southern neighbor while we are at it. Sounds absurd? Probably not to you. You and Bauman are nuts.

Anonymous said...

I think e_man felt sorry for you that the JS didn't relate any local examples of spewing vile, he stepped right up to the plate and delivered his ideocentric view for all to agree with. E_man, people don't want to close roads and ban vehicles, we want balance in our transportation system. I often take the train to Chicago and there is no better way to travel for that trip.Lossen up, take a breath and consider that there might be other opinions in America. John

burondo said...

It's insightful commentary like this that makes me return, day after day, to read the thoughts of those who are "nuts".