Thursday, October 04, 2007

Walker signaling end of the 'county' in 'County Grounds'?

Found this little tidbit in Scott Walker's 2008 budget proposal. The italics are mine. It certainly would appear that Walker is willing to at least consider the County Grounds under someone else's ownership.

County Grounds/Milwaukee Regional Medical Center Master Plan: Milwaukee County will work with other members of the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center (MRMC) and community leaders to determine an overall vision for the County Grounds. Milwaukee County played a critical role in planning and developing the MRMC, which is one of the premier economic engines for the region. Today, key questions have surfaced regarding the County’s role as a member of the MRMC and its overall presence on the County Grounds. The Director of Administrative Services is authorized and directed to initiate discussion with the MRMC members regarding their current planning efforts and how those impact the issues the County is facing as it determines its future on the County Grounds, and to report back to the Finance and Audit and Economic and Community Development Committees during 2008 regarding those discussions.

Scott Walker: Selling a heritage.

Quite the campaign slogan, isn't it?

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