Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Taylor a hit at county budget hearing

State Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) was a hit at last night's county budget hearing at Washington Park. Taylor, who is challenging County Executive Scott Walker's re-election bid, spoke about the importance of preserving transit and the parks.

Here's the video and, of course, there are more transit videos here.


Dave said...

I sure hope she starts getting her name out there to the general populace because we need to end the Walker era.

Anonymous said...

As we all know, the takers come to budget hearings. The providers are tired and worn out from earning the money to pay the bills.

Lena represents only the takers not the providers. She is the new generation of poverty pimp[ette]s. A sort of "Lena-Katrina" Taylor.

Her leadership, brainpower and ideology combined with the deft skill of Tommy Barrett will make Milwaukee County the new Detroit Metro area. How lovely.

If this is what the voters want - so be it. Walker has done his best to keep the providers from fleeing the county - and this state.

God love her, because nobody else does.

clyde winter said...

Lena Taylor is among the very best. She exemplifies public service and true leadership. Power beyond measure to Lena.

Look at her stands on issues, her priorities, her votes, and you'll see she represents the people, not the corporste lobbyists or the super-rich.