Friday, October 05, 2007

Dumb and dumber

Big box stores on the Pabst Farms site? And the state might build a freeway interchange to accommodate that?

That is not just bad public policy -- it's crazy.

The most distressing part of this whole interchange deal is the absolutely shamelessness with which WisDOT is treating its budget as a giant slush fund for road-building. When an agency just has $20 million lying around to throw at a given project, that agency is out of fiscal control.

Equally appalling is the state's disregard for its most urgent transportation needs: we can fight about what those are -- certainly shoring up the ailing Milwaukee County Transit System is one of them -- but we can probably all agree that a freeway ramp to a high-end retail center isn't one of them.

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geoff said...

The freeway interchange is the second huge taxpayer subsidy to PAbst Farms. Let's not forget the TIF $$$$$ that are going into a project that only became eligible for TIF subsidies when the Wisconsin Legislature, at the urging of former representative Steve "Mickey" Foti, passed special interest legislation making it eligible.

Some of us old folks remember the days when TIF was a tool used by municipal governments to make the costs or urban redevelopment/blight elimination competitive with developing cornfields in the country.