Friday, October 19, 2007

Can Walker walk away from this one?

Scott Walker is "irate" that a Community Corrections Center inmate was able to stay out of custody undetected long enough to shoot and kill Douglas Mitchell.

Milwaukee County residents should be irate, too, not only about the senseless loss of life, but also about the long-standing, clear evidence that much about the House of Correction, which includes the CCC, is simply broken.

There needs to be an independent look how this entire facility is staffed, funded, and functioning. Scott Walker, who presided over much of its deterioration, should not be the one to conduct the review.

And the JS, which apparently is the official newspaper of the Scott Walker re-election campaign, really needs to do a bit more than reprint his talking points.

Capper over at folkbum has done a nice job of covering House of Correction issues.


capper said...

As I've said at folkbum's and other sites, I am sure that the victim's family will overlook his murder and Walker's role in it out of the pure gratitude they feel. After all, Walker did say them, what, two, three whole dollars with his "tax freeze".

Matt said...

Walker cares about nothing but taxes, and now we see that spreads to the actual safety of the community. This killer was supposed to be at the Huber Center, and this obviously is a huge gap in monitoring there (due to underfunding- of course).

But lets not forget that Walker just recently supported CLOSING the Huber center and letting everyone do their time watching porn and drinking beer in the "confinement" of their own homes.

So know, he can't walk away from the ever growing results of his tax "policy". Close the parks, close the jails, stop the busses. Pretty soon we'll all leave and their will be no property taxes at all.

Zachary said...

And of course Scott Walker is already blaming employees at CCC for this situation while conveniently ignoring the fact that he's allowed the security situation to degenerate to the point it's at. Perhaps if CCC and the HOC were adequately staffed, those staff would be more able to effectively do their jobs.