Thursday, September 06, 2007

Those transit cuts

I spent some time yesterday at the Badger Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired talking to people who will be affected if the proposed county transit cuts go through.

These folks depend on transit to get them to the Badger Association building on Hawley Rd., to their doctor's appointments and just out.

The Milwaukee County Transit System is proposing fare increases and huge cuts in service levels to meet County Executive Scott Walker's mandate that it cut more than $800,000 from its tax levy.

Walker isn't the only bad guy in this farce. In a true slap at those who depend on para-transit service, Gov. Doyle proposed a minimal $800,000 two-year, statewide increase for paratransit. Ah, but you know that $25 million interchange that will benefit a couple developers building the Pabst Farms sprawlplex in western Waukesha County? No problem finding that money.

Ironically, the governor's proposed para-transit budget for the entire state for the entire two years is about $25 million -- the cost of that single Waukesha County interchange.

Here's the first video from my visit to the Badger Association. There will be more to follow. All the Transit Stories videos can also be found on the web site.

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Joe Klein said...

Shame on Scott Walker. The Eagle Scout and son of a Baptist Minister should display more honor and courage. Are tax cuts worth telling the blind, aged and poor to fend for themselves?

Live the creed, don't give in to greed. Service to humanity requires compassion. Both Scouting and Christianity recognize that to be good, we must have a personal commitment to be of service to the less fortunate. Ultimately, we must judge ourselves by the acts we do toward our fellow human beings.