Thursday, September 27, 2007

Scott Walker's reckless comments

County Executive Scott Walker provoked District Attorney John Chisholm's ire yesterday by opining that some activities associated with pension buybacks were potentially criminal, according to the Journal Sentinel.

Walker suggested the dastardly deeds could be uncovered during a pending investigation to be conducted by Chicago lawyers and then the DA's office here could follow up. Walker apparently feels that the Chicago lawyers are the big boys and the local prosecutors are some what lesser lawyers. Chisholm did not take kindly to Walker's statements or implied insults.

Chisholm said Walker's public comments were inappropriate and could compromise a potential criminal investigation.

"It could create grave concerns, to say the least," Chisholm said. "You can muck it up pretty easy, if you don't go about it in the proper way."

Chisholm said if Walker has any information suggesting criminal involvement regarding the buybacks, he should turn it over to the district attorney's office. The DA's staff is fully capable of handling such a case, Chisholm said.

Walker presented no indication that he has any actual evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Instead, it appears he is simply suggesting criminal activity by a relatively few, easily-identifiable individuals who received or were involved with the pension buybacks.

Much of the buyback activity occurred while Walker was in office, after he promised to clean up the pension mess.

Can Walker be charged with criminal irresponsibility? He would face ever so many counts.


Anonymous said...

I'll try and say it nicely, Scott Walker is a moron!(I tried and couldn't)The guy is as transparent as saran wrap. He'll keep shooting from the hip as long as the JS keeps putting his half truth drivel on the front page. So, for the $395 per hour, are the Chicago legal eagles going to look into the scam of Scott boosting pensions for cronies and pals by hiring City union bosses and retired Alderman purley for political favors and big personel pension increases. It turns my stomach that he tries to carry the torch of ethics, he can join Michael McGee for all I care, let them rot together, maybe they can find "common ground".

capper said...

I have noticed that Walker is trying to present himself in a rosier light a lot lately, and is doing a lot of attention seeking. This is even more remarkable as that he was missing in action most of the summer.

This leads me to three possible conclusions for the sudden change: 1) The new budget to be revealed today is going to be a real mess and unpopular, 2) He has seen his poll numbers and realizes just how vulnerable he would be to Sen. Taylor, or 3) both.