Friday, September 28, 2007

Scott Walker's budget

Yup, as expected, it sucks.

A $2.6 million cut in drug treatment services, a $4.2 million cut in community services for adults that are offered by the Behaviorial Health Division. Nine interns that do legal research for the courts would be gone.

And those popped up in a two-minute review of the budget -- can't wait to find out what else is lurking there.

Hey, maybe it's a good idea that Mayor Tom Barrett wants to add all those cops to the city budget after all, since Walker seems pretty intent on pushing people who are sick into the criminal justice system by taking away the services they desperately need.

But wait. Even when some of those people get themselves arrested, which is bound to happen, there still won't be any more room in the county jail for them.

They'll still be out on the street, maybe being rousted but not arrested by all the cops wandering around. Perhaps the police could round 'em all up and dump 'em in one part of town in sort of a jail without walls. They could mount a legal challenge, but with the judges losing their research interns, cases will get so backed up that it could be years before the unserviced mentally ill get their day in court.

There's a good chance they would not be able to leave their little jail without walls, either. After all, Walker also proposed big route cuts and fare increases in transit services.


capper said...

My favorite part is in today's article when Walker basically admits he knows he's dogging it by saying he wouldn't be opposed to the board raising taxes by a few percentage points.

Anonymous said...

Taxes are higher in Wisconsin than any other state, based upon property taxes versus income. Yet Milwaukee County in general has a badly broken infrastructure, where everything is an eye-sore and getting worse. Then Scott, you have the nerve to run commercials, stating how wonderful everything is. Take off he rose colored glasses and bust Doyne's pension plan. Then maybe you are worth your keep.