Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pabst Farms interchange deal

Calling the $25 million deal for a freeway interchange at Pabst Farms a cost-sharing deal, as the JS did today, is damned near fraudulent.

Oconomowoc pays $400,000; the state pays about $19 million. That's cost-sharing, all right.

The county, the Pabst Farms sprawl developer and the land owner each pay $1.75 million, but the interchange is worth vastly more than that at least the latter two, and they are going to be very rich people as a result of this highway robbery.

It's odd that the state has $19 million to throw at an interchange for rich people in Waukesha, but can't find the cash to fund transit and para-transit for Milwaukee County residents in dire need of basic transportation.

It's been well documented that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation can't figure costs or budgets very well. Now it is quite clear that the agency's ethical calculations reek as well.


Dave said...

Agreed. 21 million in state tax money hmmm here we go again subsidizing sprawl.

ΕΡΜΕΣ said...

i want to puke my guts out, this smells so fishy.

Anonymous said...

The speed with which this deal went through is mind boggling! We have been fighting for over a decade to to actually SPEND the $91 million we DO have. Then along comes the state and the county of Waukesha (you know the same county that was a major obstacle in the way of transit in the 90's) and whallah (h/t Mcbride)we find the money to build another interchange! Once again I ask: Whose voices are getting heard?

Bert said...

I used to live in this area, and was studying this map today in the paper.

I am by nature suspicious, but it seems to me that the existing Hwy 67 offramp and road are already ways for drivers to get to this shopping center, since it is right along Hwy 67.

Why would they build this interchange at Barker Road then, if that Barker Road lies a mile or so east of the mall?

Is it possible that planners and developers envision the road connecting the Barker Road interchange with the mall to eventually be lined with Applebees, KFC, Mobil, McDonalds?

In other words, they have a chance here to replicate the majestic scenery along Brookfield's Blue Mound Road as that road makes its way to Brookfield Mall from Waukesha.

I fear they would love to make it so.

capper said...

Congratulations on being in today's Best of the Blogs. A well-earned accolade, if I may say so.

Gretchen Schuldt said...

Thank you, Capper!