Sunday, September 16, 2007

Frank Lasee embarrasses himself and the state. Again

The father of TABOR, State Rep. Frank Lasee, is an embarrassment to himself and the state of Wisconsin. The Republican Party needs to repudiate him. Now.

Lasee (R-thank God not my town) received a note from a scribe who is anonymous, but who is obviously Frank's intellectual twin. Lasee then forwarded it to Brown Deer school officials with a request that they investigate. The JS reports that the scurrilous letter includes the following tripe:

"There is a hallway that is off limits to white kids, where the black kids have sex. When the teachers leave the class rooms, the same thing happens. Also on the school buses. The kid's parents can't complain to the school board for fear of retribution on their children.

"The teacher's at the school are sending their kids to private schools and the white people who can are moving to other areas to protect their children and allow them to get an education. I wonder if the Brown Deer school count's a pregnant girl as two students to get more taxpayer money."

The Republicans in the US Senate let their colleague, Larry Craig, know he had to go when he got busted in an airport bathroom sting operation. With this incident, Lasee committed numerous offenses -- including stone cold racism, stupidity and incredibly bad judgment -- that deserve a response equally as swift and strong.

It would be really interesting to know how much say Lasee had in developing the Republican Assembly's anti-school, anti-urban budget proposal. It seems to reflect his beliefs quite nicely.

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Anonymous said...

And let's remember that the father of TABOR also is the father of a child from an affair -- and that he has attempted (and may have succeeded; I find no followup) to avoid paying child support.

His horrifying attack on Brown Deer (and forwarding the stupid letter is joining in its attack) is only the latest of so many embarrassments from this guy.

Yet he is running for Congress -- so yes, let's see what the Republicans do a thing about it this time. Based on their past sanctioning of his inanities, that's doubtful.