Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bigger and better lawn mowers means poisoning more grass

Scott Walker wants to replace parks workers partly with bigger lawn mowers, according to the JS. That seems like a dubious proposal on the face of it, but it's an even worse idea when you stop to consider what those bigger lawnmowers mean: more poisoned grass.

No kidding. In our neighborhood park, where county parks workers use those big mowers, they simply poisoned the grass that they couldn't get to with the big mowers. That means that there was a neat little circle of dead grass around every tree in the park. Where the boulevard between the sidewalk and the street was too narrow to mow with those monster mowers, county workers poisoned the grass instead.

This was done without notice to anyone, as far as I know, including all the residents who might want to keep their kids and tree-using dogs away from the newly-poisoned grass.

Maybe the poison that kills grass so effectively is totally harmless to everything else it touches or really helps build stong, healthy children in 12 ways, but probably not. Anyone want to be their pets or kids on it?

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