Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bad, bad attitude

Give Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission Executive Director David Heard an "A" for "arrogance."

He is executive director of a commission that has failed in its duty to investigate citizen complaints against Milwaukee police officers. He is executive director of a commission with oversight responsibilities for a police department with so many scandals and so many perceived problems that a large segment of the citizenry simply has lost faith.

Mr. Heard may be more symbolic of the problems than of the solutions. When ACLU of Wisconsin lawyer Karyn Rotker asked for public input on how the commission should handle citizen complaints, Heard blew it. He simply blew it. He grabbed that big blue door that has too long separated police from the public and he slammed it with all his might right in the public's face. And then spit for good measure.

The JS reported it this way: Heard responded to Rotker that while the board conducts its business in the open, "you are incorrect that drafting this or any other rule requires public input."

A David Heard attitutude is not what the Fire and Police Commission needs at this moment in its history. It is reasonable to wonder whether David Heard is what it needs, either.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I've met him -- and yes, he is arrogant. Doesn't listen at all.

He has got to go. Is he a mayoral appointment?

Anonymous said...

Ditto re meeting him and his 'tude.

I just heard that Heard is out, with a new mayoral appointee. It's long overdue.