Saturday, August 11, 2007

A State Fair shortcoming

We always ride our bikes to the State Fair. It's faster and much more hassle-free than driving a car. Plus, being limited in what we can carry is a good barrier to buying yet another mop or miracle cleaner.

This year, as we are every year, we wondered if the State Fair folks would ever install bike racks and provide at least a little security for them. This doesn't seem like anything they would have to be told, since every year there are lots of bikes chained to the fences. (The space available for this decreases as the landscaping immediately adjacent to the fence increases.) This year, as we triple-chained our bikes to the fence, I noticed a very nice mountain bike chained to the fence nearby.

A few hours later, as we were leaving the fair, that nice mountain bike was gone. The chain was still hanging from the fence, sliced through neatly, like a tender steak would be sliced by sharp knife.

It really is time for the State Fair to get with the program and provide secure bike racks so a trip to the State Fair doesn't turn into a bad memory.

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