Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A spot of trouble for our favorite road-building firm

HNTB, the politically-connected company that won huge contracts to design the monstrous and ugly Marquette Interchange (note to HNTB: painting massive cement walls a yellowish beige does not make them attractive), and to work on the north-south I-94 reconstruction project, kind of screwed up the design for the $800 million Boston convention center.

Oh, did I mention that HNTB gets piece of the pie for the Zoo Interchange reconstruction project as well? The state is just waiting for the budget to be done before signing the contracts and shoving more money into HNTB's pockets.

From the Boston Herald:

Inadequate drainage and problems with snow and ice buildup on the roof were among several convention center design flaws targeted in a $24 million out-of-court settlement that the MCCA reached last summer with the project’s engineering and design firm, HNTB Corp., Rafael Vinoly Architects and two other companies.

To think the safety of our infrastructure is in the hands of a firm that can't design a roof that doesn't leak.
Water from the roof leaked into the exhibition hall and was particularly a problem on the east side of the building, and in Hall C on the south end of the center.

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