Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rip van JS

Nothing is real until the Journal Sentinel reports on it.

Get this line from this morning's story on a potential new Regional Transit Authority:

Their new cooperation follows a previously unannounced Aug. 8 meeting with philanthropist Michael Cudahy and Tim Sheehy, president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce.

Except the meeting was announced, just not necessarily to the JS. The Business Journal reported quite extensively on it in the paper's Aug. 10 edition. (The link is just to a snippet of the story. The Business Journal doesn't post full versions of its stories for just anyone to look at -- you have to be a subscriber to the paper.) The story included quotes from both Walker and Barrett about the meeting. (Here's an earlier post on this very matter.)

Can a meeting that has been very publicly discussed by its participants be called "unnanounced"? Guess it depends on your definition of "unannounced;" a newspaper, though, struggling for trust in large sections of its circulation area, should not be so Clintoneque in its word-smithing. It doesn't help the cause.


Bruce said...

The leviathan should be lowering it's head in shame. Instead, how is it responding to its rapidly deteriorating relevance?

By offering "feel good" fluff stories, explaining how it leads the nation in (artificial) readers:


Bruce said...

Yet another example of the dying beast. Ideologies aside for the time being, I submit for your review: