Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's election time and Walker plays "let's pretend"

County Executive Scott Walker is holding a southeastern Wisconsin transit summit next month to discuss whether the Regional Transit Authority should run or coordinate local buses.

This is the top story in the JS -- a discussion that will be held next month.

Walker, of course, has no authority to get the RTA to do that, so that's all there will be -- a discussion. Mayor Tom Barrett is actually the one who has at least a partial plan to move forward with real transit solutions (those pesky operating funds remain an issue, though), while Walker simply says "No" and looks increasingly foolish about it to an increasing number of people.

The solution? A meeting! A discussion! Be still, my heart!

Most of the leaders Walker has invited to the discussion lead governments that run transit systems, according to the JS. Most, but not all. How did Walker choose which non-transit-runners to invite? Why weren't they all invited?

Walker doesn't have any real ideas for saving transit. What he has is a re-election campaign, a pension scandal (why is the JS, which did a fabulous job breaking the story, treating him with such kid gloves on that one?), a crony-crippled administration, and a real need for some decent press. The JS obligingly met that need today, giving Walker's empty gesture a prominence it did not deserve.


Michael J. Mathias said...

The Walker "plan" for the County has always been to make other authorities responsible for his problems, and then try to take credit for it.

Xoff said...

Looks like we are in for the same sort of "coverage" Walker got during the 2004 campaign.

The paper decided early he was their boy, and coverage -- or, in most cases, lack of coverage -- of the campaign showed it.

Daniel said...


Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker has always been good at “pretending." Remember his apparently phony campaign slogan: “I want to shine a light on the actions of County government, so this sort of corruption can not happen again.” When asked to do (“shine a light on corruption”): Scott Walker decided to cover-up the fact that the County employees are using "backroom politics" to deny - approximately 4,000 disabled individuals (in the County's DECA Program) - the opportunity to even be considered for a civil service job with the County. This is happening, simply because: they (the current County employees) do not want a disabled "DECA" person in their way when they decide it is time to change jobs. This has been going on since 1987. Walker has known about it since the beginning of 2002. County Executive Walker, The Board of Supervisors, numerous courthouse bureaucrats and the County's union (AFSCME) have been covering-up this matter - for 20 years! If you would like more information on this matter, go to: and read the information and documents found on that web site.