Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bad Dave Schulz, good Dave Schulz

First we have presented to us in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Dave Schulz as a money-grabbing former county exec who will qualify for a $17,600 annual county pension only because he bought back county service credit for a mere $1,767.

What did Schulz have to say to all this? Not much according to last month's expose in the Journal Sentinel: Schulz did not respond to numerous interview requests.

You might think such a grasping figure -- a guy who stiffs his former constituents and then won't discuss it, who may even have paid less for the service credit than he should have -- might have lost just a wee bit of credibility in the eyes of the JS powers.]

Perish the thought. Nope. The JS instead gives him a chunk of space in which to state his views. Schulz has an op-ed piece in today's Crossroads section entitled, ironically enough, Don't fear, but you're going to have to pay.

Schulz was not referring to his own undeserved county pension, but to road infrastructure repair costs. His piece essentially an argument for higher taxes.

Yes, the JS has a guy who is ripping off county taxpayers but refusing to discuss it opining at some length on the need for higher taxes. Don't be surprised if he doesn't have a whole lot of credibility on this one.

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