Thursday, July 19, 2007

Scott Walker: Just making it up

Whoops! The "this'll save us a ton of money" deal to dump the Milawaukee County Mental Health Complex and locate mental health services won't save us a ton of money, after all, according to the JS.

Buying and fixing St. Michael will cost at least triple what it would cost to fix up the existing Mental Health Complex.

County Executive Scott Walker has been trying to sell this as a great deal for county taxpayers.

Walker said he hoped that any money left over from the sale and relocation would become a rainy-day fund to improve county-provided mental health care. He said that idea might draw mixed reviews on the County Board.

That was in January.

It was the County Board -- not Scott Walker -- that demanded information about how much it would cost to fix the Mental Health Complex compared to moving to St. Michael.

It's pretty clear: Scott Walker proposed this move as a cost-saving measure without having a clue as to what he was talking about or any idea of what the ramifications would be.

In other words, business as usual for Scott Walker.


capper said...

It's much like the time that Walker demanded that the annex be pulled down, immediately. Even though the company he gave the no-bid contract to had done seven inspections, it wasn't until after they started the job, that they 'noticed' all the asbestos which quadrupled the cost. Makes me wonder who is giving him the hefty "contributions" to continue with this behavior, or is he just that ignorant. Maybe finishing school would've helped him.

ΕΡΜΕΣ said...

Um, what exactly is wrong with the mental health complex?

The article says, "the county's mental health programs are dwarfed by the massive and outmoded space at the County Grounds... [Walker] suggested the sprawling 25 acres devoted to the complex would likely fetch a high price from developers... the county's mental health programs face steep cost increases - an additional $5 million next year, including staff salary and prescription drug price increases"

So basically, nothing is wrong with it. It's just big. Why is that bad? It sounds like the county is just drooling over the profits to be had by downsizing the program's sunk capital and selling off what is actually a very nice, attractive, spacious facility. And staff salary and drug prices are going to go up no matter where the program is located. The whole thing seems pointless to me; if it ain't broke, don't fix it!