Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Assembly's silly budget

The State Assembly is in the fairly comfortable position of being able to develop a budget that is one big talking point, cobbled together for the benefit of headline writers and the rabid right, but basically devoid of seriousness.

Members of that Republican-led house of ill repute know that most of their budget won't become law -- there is a Democrat sitting in the governor's chair and Democrats happily in the majority in the State Senate to prevent that from happening.

So why not throw in everything, including the kitchen sink and a few dead rodents like an expanded Choice program and huge cuts in aid to Milwaukee? Think of the sound bites! Think of the quotes in those fund-raising letters!

No consequences, and a real nice opportunity for posturing. What pol wouldn't love it?


Brian C. said...

Didn't the democrats in the Senate do the very same thing with their so-called budget? Who wants socialized medicine?

ΕΡΜΕΣ said...

Sane people want socialized medicine.

Brian C said...

What does that mean?