Monday, June 25, 2007

WYMS stands up for itself by shutting down (sort of)

One of the best things that has happened in Milwaukee radio in a long time is 88.9, the reinvention of WYMS-FM. The music is great and very diverse. Or, as one over 40 fan put it, "I can learn about rap, and rappers can learn about good music."

The station also streams its programming over the Internet.

But not on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, WYMS and other stations around the nation will shut down their web streams.

As the station explains: Internet radio is in immediate danger of being silenced permanently through new, government-imposed royalty rates that are so high they will shut down most webcasters and could force RadioMilwaukee to severely limit our stream.

Royalties are going to increase 300% to 1200% under the horrendous scheme concocted by the
Copyright Royalty Board. The crushing costs mean that small net radio stations will simply go out of business; others will sharply curtail their offerings.

Bills have been introduced in Congress to reverse the CRB's decision. If you want to save net radio, write to your Congress people. US Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee) and Tammy Baldwin (D-Madison) already have signed on to such legislation.

You can find out more at Radio Milwaukee.

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illusory tenant said...

Typical of the RIAA and their government facilitators, screwing consumers out of their listening choices and less commercially successful musicians out of both potential royalties and a wider audience.

The music business has very little to do with music, and everything to do with business.

This is why actual musicians are living on Kraft Dinner while Britney Spears is worth $200 million.